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What is the Partition of Real Property Act in California?

Formerly known as the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act The Partition of Real Property Act in California is a newly-implemented law that expands upon the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act to give non-partitioning parties additional opportunities to buy out their co-owners. Essentially, the Partition of Real Property Act creates a right of first … Read More

New Law Allows ADUs to be Sold in Partition Actions (Co-Ownership Disputes) (AB 1033)

Partition actions in California involve the division of property to provide co-owners with their equity in the property. Most properties are single family residences with no surplus land. Historically, that means that an equitable division will almost always result in a sale unless one co-owner buys out the other. However, AB 1033 suggests that some … Read More

What to do When Your Co-Owner Refuses to Pay the Taxes

What to do When Your Co-Owner Refuses to Pay the Taxes

During the partition process, parties are entitled to request that the court divide the proceeds of sale in a manner that includes uneven payments by parties for expenses such as taxes. This is great news for a co-owner who paid more than their fair share of the property taxes during the co-ownership relationship. Partition Actions … Read More

What to Do When a Co-Owner Dies in a Partition Action [Form Template Example - Code of Civil Procedure 872.530(b)] Affidavit re Death of Co-Owner.jpg

What to Do When a Co-Owner Dies During or Before a Partition Action [Form Template Example – Code of Civil Procedure 872.530(b)]

Affidavit re: Death of Co-Owner [Sample] Co-owning real estate in California comes with many different challenges. If you’re ready to sell but your co-owner refuses, a partition action is the only court-ordered way to force the sale of property. Litigants in partition actions may find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to declare that … Read More

Evicting Co-Owner California Real Estate Property Partition Lawyer

Can You Evict a Co-owner of a House?

Co-Owner’s Right to Evict Their Co-Owner Co-ownership can present many headaches, including shared expenses, sharing a common space, and, most importantly, agreeing when to sell the property. Co-owners might be wondering how to evict a co-owner when there is confusion as to who has the right to live in a co-ownership home. Unfortunately for co-owners … Read More

Co-Owner's Rights to Lease and Evict Tenants

Can One Owner Lease Out Property that is Jointly Owned?

A common issue with co-ownership is how to manage rented property. Notably, many times only one of the co-owners allows a third party to lease the co-owned property without the consent or over the objection of the other co-owners. As explained below, the law is that each co-owner may lease the property, but doing so … Read More

What Are My Rights as a 50% Owner of California Real Estate?

Your Rights as a 50% Property Owner Many people in California own property with another person, whether this is by choice (such as purchasing a home with a partner) or not (such as inheriting a home with a sibling). The most common form of co-ownership is 50/50 ownership, which generally arises from a deed granting … Read More

Affirmative Defenses Partition Action California Attorney Lawyer

Affirmative Defenses to a Partition Action in California

How do you beat a partition action? Experienced partition attorneys in California are often asked whether there are affirmative defenses to a partition under California law. Of course, every defendant wants to win a partition action. While some people may refer to these as affirmative defenses, it might be best to look them as ways … Read More

Partition Referee Reports on Offsets and Accounting Talkov Law Partition Attorneys

Partition Referee Reports on Offsets & Accounting

Other than forcing the sale of the property through an interlocutory judgment under CCP § 872.720, perhaps the most hotly contested issues in a California partition action are the offsets whereby one co-owner alleges that they have paid more than their fractional share of costs for the property, thereby seeking to recover an excessive down … Read More

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