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Talkov Law’s attorneys are exceptionally experienced in the area of partition law, but are also ready to take on issues related to partition actions including real estate litigation, business litigation, and bankruptcy litigation. It is a common occurrence for related disputes to arise in the course of real estate, business, or bankruptcy proceedings.

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Our Partition-Related Litigation Practice Areas

Real Estate Litigation

Talkov Law’s dedicated partition attorneys can assist in the following areas of real estate law:

Partition Actions

Quiet Title Actions

Commercial Real Estate Disputes

Purchase and Sale Agreement Disputes

Title Defects

Business Litigation

If you need help resolving a business dispute related to your partition action, Talkov Law can assist in the areas of:

Breach of Contract

Independent Contractor Disputes

Agent Disputes

Corporate Shareholder and Board of Director Disputes

Bankruptcy Litigation

If you are faced with a partition action coupled with debt you cannot pay, the bankruptcy attorneys at Talkov Law may be able to assist

Bankruptcy Non-Dischargeability Attorneys

Bankruptcy Liquidations and Reorganizations

Debtors in Bankruptcy

Involuntary Bankruptcy

Family Law & Child Custody Disputes

In the course of a partition action, family law issues can also arise. Our partition attorneys can assist with family law issues such as:

Move Away and Relocation of Children

Child Custody Modifications

Restraining Orders

What is Real Estate Litigation?

Real estate litigation is the process of finding a legal remedy to disputes involving matters of real property. One of the largest areas of real estate law is in the settling of legal disputes anywhere from breach of contract real estate to bad credit mortgages.

Real estate litigation issues can encompass a wide range of legal topics and conflicts as real estate transactions are extremely complex and involve various policies, legal rights, and laws. Most of the time, real estate litigation results from disputes during the purchase, financing, or building of a property.

Real estate litigation intends to resolve these legal disputes using the court procedures and mechanisms. A typical real estate lawsuit will end with a damages award being issued from one party to another.

What is Business Litigation?

Litigation is the process of taking a case to court. Business litigation refers to any litigation that is related to a business dispute. From a disagreement with a customer to a lawsuit with a competitor, a business often faces legal complications. When business disputes arise, and they can’t be resolved through negotiation or arbitration proceedings, business litigation can be used as a way to resolve the situation.

Business litigation involves a number of legal issues, including:

  • Breach of contract.
  • Independent contractor and agent disputes.
  • Real estate disputes.
  • Corporate shareholder and board of directory disputes.
  • Business fraud.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal tool that should be considered when you are faced with debt that you cannot pay. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, the attorneys at Talkov Law can help you get back on sound financial footing. While sometimes we are able to develop workout plans with creditors that do not require bankruptcy, we are also able to provide relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Even further, we are experienced in negotiating fair resolutions with the trustee on behalf of creditors, debtors and interested parties when these issues arise. To the extent a fair resolution cannot be reached, we are ready and able to bring the matter forward to the court to obtain a judicial resolution. Are you an individual or business owner that needs relief from your debt? The bankruptcy attorneys at Talkov Law can help.

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If you or somebody you know is involved in a real estate, business, or bankruptcy dispute, contact our experienced litigation lawyers today. Our blog covers numerous topics of interest to parties in litigation. Our real estate, business, and bankruptcy litigation attorneys will work diligently to obtain a favorable outcome on your behalf, whether by negotiation or litigation. Call the experienced litigation attorneys at Talkov Law at (844) 4-TALKOV (825568) or contact us online for a free consultation about your case!


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