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Damages for Ouster California Partition Action Law Attorney

Damages for Ouster in California Partition Actions

Co-ownership of property often involves a delicate balance of rights and responsibilities among the owners. However, this equilibrium can be disrupted when one co-owner oversteps their bounds, leading to a situation termed “ouster.” An ouster occurs when one co-owner unlawfully excludes another from the property, effectively seizing sole benefits of ownership while circumventing its associated … Read More

What is a Receiver in a Partition Action

What is a Receiver in a Partition Action?

Throughout the course of a partition action, there may come a time when the appointment of a receiver is requested by one of the co-owners. While some parties use the term receiver to mean a partition referee, this blog uses the term receiver in the broadest context as it used throughout the law. But what … Read More

Are There Any Specific Rules for Partitioning Agricultural Land

Are There Any Specific Rules for Partitioning Agricultural Land?

Different types of land can bring different challenges in a partition action. Agricultural land is no exception. This is especially true given the diverse agricultural industries throughout California, producing nearly $50 billion in revenue in 2018 alone, shown below: Unique Aspects of Agricultural Partition Actions Due to the unique nature of farmland and the variation … Read More

Evicting Co-Owner California Real Estate Property Partition Lawyer

Can You Evict a Co-owner of a House?

Co-Owner’s Right to Evict Their Co-Owner Co-ownership can present many headaches, including shared expenses, sharing a common space, and, most importantly, agreeing when to sell the property. Co-owners might be wondering how to evict a co-owner when there is confusion as to who has the right to live in a co-ownership home. Unfortunately for co-owners … Read More

Partition Referee Reports on Offsets and Accounting Talkov Law Partition Attorneys

Partition Referee Reports on Offsets & Accounting

Other than forcing the sale of the property through an interlocutory judgment under CCP § 872.720, perhaps the most hotly contested issues in a California partition action are the offsets whereby one co-owner alleges that they have paid more than their fractional share of costs for the property, thereby seeking to recover an excessive down … Read More

Will a Partition Sale Yield Fair Market Value for a Property?

Sometimes, co-owners wonder if their co-owned property will be sold for fair market value in a partition action, or whether the process will result in a below market sales price. There are many reasons that partition action sales conducted by a partition referee will generally result in the property being sold for fair market value, … Read More

Code of Civil Procedure § 873.760 (CCP) – Failure of Purchaser to Pay Sale Price; Liability of Purchaser; Relief (Partition Actions)

California Code of Civil Procedure 873.760 is the California partition statute that explains what a party or the partition referee can do in case a purchaser does not follow through with purchasing the house. The statute provides that: If the purchaser, after the confirmation of the sale, fails to pay the sale price, the purchaser … Read More

Code of Civil Procedure § 873.040 (CCP) – Consent of All Parties; Guardian or Conservator (Partition Action)

California Code of Civil Procedure 873.040 is the California partition statute that explains that all parties (or if a party is a minor, the conservator of the minor’s estate) should consent to the appointment of a partition referee. If the parties cannot agree, the court has discretion to appoint a referee. The statute provides that: … Read More

Code of Civil Procedure 873.750 CCP – Confirmation of Sale; Duties of Referee (Partition Actions)

California Code of Civil Procedure 873.750 is the California partition statute that gives the court the authority to order that the partition referee consummate the sale of the property. The statute provides that: (a) Upon confirmation of a sale, the court shall order the referee to execute a conveyance or other instrument of transfer, to … Read More

Code of Civil Procedure 873.960 – Hearing; Confirmation of Report; Conditions; Judgment (Partition by Appraisal)

California Code of Civil Procedure 873.960 is the California partition statute that addresses the confirmation of the report the partition referee upon transfer of the property in a partition by appraisal. The statute provides that: At the hearing, the court shall examine the report and witnesses. If the court determines that the proceedings have been regularly conducted, … Read More

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