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How Can I Calculate My Share in a Partition

How Can I Calculate My Share in a Partition?

Co-owners frequently ask our partition attorneys how to calculate their share of money that will be paid in a partition action. As experienced partition attorneys, we can guide you through the process of calculating your equity in a co-owned property in California. First, Determine the Value of the Entire Property The first step to calculate … Read More

Can I Force the Sale of a Jointly Owned Vacation Property

Can I Force the Sale of a Jointly Owned Vacation Property?

Owning a vacation property can be a dream come true for owners of real property. That dream can quickly devolve into a nightmare if you own that vacation home with an uncooperative co-owner, however. Indeed, many families buy a vacation property together. However, as the years go by, relationships can become strained through life, death, … Read More

Can a person move into my jointly owned home without my permission

Can a Person Move Into My Jointly Owned Home Without My Permission?

Access rights to jointly owned property A common issue with co-ownership is whether the co-owners can allow third parties to move into the property as roommates. For example, perhaps your co-owner decides to rent out an extra room. Or perhaps they allow their boyfriend or girlfriend to move in. Or maybe they allow an unwanted family member … Read More

Can I Partition Real Estate Without Going to Court

Can I Partition Real Estate Without Going to Court?

A partition action may begin with a complaint filed with the court, but it often ends with a negotiated out-of-court, settlement. With over 100 partition actions currently pending throughout California, Talkov Law’s dedicated partition attorneys have worked with hundreds of co-owners. Based on years of experience, our partition lawyers estimate that 98% of our partition actions settle before trial. Of the … Read More

What Does It Mean to Partition a Property?

In California real estate, partitioning a property refers to the legal process of equitably dividing or splitting a jointly owned property among its co-owners. This division is typically pursued when there are disputes, disagreements, or conflicting interests among the co-owners about how the property should be used, managed, or disposed of. Partition actions are often … Read More

Can a Partition Action Be Stopped in California?

How to Stop a Partition Action Generally, the right to a partition action is absolute, meaning that the right to partition a property is achievable by any co-owner, no matter how small or large their interest in the property may be. Once filed with the courts, a partition action cannot be “stopped” by a party … Read More

I Own 33% of a Property. What Are My Rights?

Many co-owners with a minority interest in a property assume they have minimal rights. Fortunately for minority co-owners of property, they have many rights. Your Rights as a 33% Property Owner When it comes to California partition law, a minority co-owner in California real estate has the right to force the sale through a partition … Read More

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