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Scott Talkov, Founder and President of Talkov Law, had a vision around 2017: to establish a law firm that focuses solely on partition actions. At the time, he was a shareholder at a regional law firm in California where he had handled their partition actions throughout the state since becoming an attorney in 2009.

Scott Talkov Partition Attorney California
Scott Talkov, Partition Attorney and President of Talkov Law Corp.

Fast forward to January 2, 2020, when Scott founded Talkov Law Corp. with just one attorney- himself -and a paralegal. Within 9 months, the firm had grown to 5 full-time attorneys while expanding on the practice of partition law in a quantity beyond that seen by any other firm in the history of California and, seemingly, the United States. One observation Scott made changed his view of the services that California co-owners needed: that other attorneys struggled to litigate partition actions in a timely and cost-efficient manner. By contrast, Scott was consistently able to achieve better results at a lower cost in a shorter period of time in partition actions than any other attorney he observed.

Indeed, prior to the founding of Talkov Law, co-owners were relegated to hire general practitioners or attorneys with a practice in numerous areas of real estate law to file their partition action. Those attorneys had perhaps filed a few partitions a year, stumbling through them at slow speeds with mediocre results, rarely having the opportunity to improve on their skills due to their low volume of partition actions.

Thus, Talkov Law was born as California’s first law firm dedicated solely to partition actions. This repetition only further resulted in cost savings and faster results for clients. Rather than partitions lasting approximately 2 years as many other law firms will take, Talkov Law has established an average time of just 7 months until the appointment of a partition referee to sell the property or settlement between the parties for a sale or co-owner buyout.

Scott has personally handled or overseen more than 300 partitions throughout California just during his time at Talkov Law. This appears to be more partitions than any other attorney in the State of California (and beyond).

In carving out this niche, Scott has mastered the art of completing partitions faster and at a lower cost by taking fewer time-consuming detours than other attorneys. He has developed specialized knowledge by practicing on more partition cases than any other firm. Having grown to seven full-time attorneys, Talkov Law is California’s first and largest partition law firm.

Whether your property was inherited or purchased with an ex-partner or friend, Talkov Law specializes in Ending Co-Ownership Disputes®. If you’re looking for California’s #1 team of partition attorneys, contact Talkov Law today by calling us or reaching out online.

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