CCP 872.320

Service by Publication in a Partition Action – Everything You Need to Know

Partition actions in California sometimes involve co-owners who cannot be located. The law allows for service by publication to ensure that a partition attorney in California can end the co-ownership dispute through a judgment of partition, which generally involves a partition by sale. Below, we explain how to name and serve defendants by publication when … Read More

California Code of Civil Procedure 873.720 Confirmation of or Setting Aside Sale, Motion, Notice in Partition Actions

Code of Civil Procedure 872.550 CCP – Joinder of All Persons Unknown Claiming Any Interest (Partition Actions)

California Code of Civil Procedure 872.550 is the California partition statute that allows a plaintiff to join all parties, including unknown parties, in a partition action. The statute provides that: Where partition is sought as to all interests in the property, the plaintiff may join as defendants “all persons unknown claiming any interest in the … Read More

CCP 872.320 Publication; court order, conditions Talkov Law

Code of Civil Procedure 872.320 CCP – Publication; court order; conditions (Partition Actions)

California Code of Civil Procedure 872.320 is the California partition statute that specifies the requirements for service by publication and posting at the property. The statute provides that: Where the court orders service by publication, such order shall be subject to the following conditions: (a) The plaintiff shall post, not later than 10 days after the … Read More

Lis Pendens Expungement California Real Estate Attorney

5 Grounds for Lis Pendens Expungement – A Simple Guide

What is a Lis Pendens? In essence, a lis pendens is a notice of pending litigation against a piece of real property. A lis pendens means a “notice of the pendency of an action in which a real property claim is alleged.” See Code Civ. Proc. § 405.2. A party who asserts a claim against … Read More

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