Co-Ownership in San Jose and San Francisco Partition California Law Firm Lawyer Attorney

Co-ownership in San Jose and San Francisco: A Growing Trend

The Silicon Valley and neighboring areas of San Francisco have become hot spots for real estate co-ownership in California. As California’s #1 partition attorneys, the co-ownership experts at Talkov Law have delved into the factors that give rise to this unusual housing pattern. Co-ownership is More Common in and Around Silicon Valley Than Elsewhere in … Read More

What does the appraiser value under the Partition of Real Property Act

Appraisals of Fair Market Value under the Partition of Real Property Act – Code of Civil Procedure 874.316(d)

While the public may believe there is only one way to appraise a property, many co-owners end up in a debate with the court over the parameters of a proper valuation under the Partition of Real Property Act. “Fair Market Value of the Property” is to be Determined under the Partition of Real Property Act … Read More

How Does the Partition Referee Get Paid?

How Does the Partition Referee Get Paid?

The compensation of the partition referee is paid at the end of the case, which is generally when the co-owners are being paid. In California, partition referees effectuate the court’s judgment that the property should be partitioned, which usually involves a sale of the property. The Partition Referee Gets Paid at the End of the … Read More

Do I Have to Sue my Family Member with Partition Action to Obtain my Share of the Inherited Property

Do I Have to Sue my Family Member to Obtain my Share of the Inherited Property?

It is common for family dynamics to be strained after inheriting real estate because many co-owners are unable to agree on how to manage the property. A co-owner may want to move into the property despite only inheriting 50% and the other co-owners, each holding 25% may want to sell the property and take the … Read More

Can I Make Improvements to a Property in a Partition?

Can You Make Property Improvements During a Partition?

While you may want to make improvements to a co-owned property, you may want to consider the timing in relation to when you file a partition. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of allocating funds for property improvements depending on where you are in filing a partition action. Should You Make Improvements Before … Read More

Cross-Complaints for Declaratory Relief in Partition Actions Proper

Are Cross-Complaints for Declaratory Relief Proper in a Partition Action?

While cross-complaints for declaratory relief in partition actions can be appropriate for clarifying the rights and duties of parties concerning the property in dispute, their utility may be limited as to ownership disputes since they are already at issue in every partition. Cross-Complaints in a Partition Action In California, Code of Civil Procedure § 428.10 … Read More

Factors Impacting Cost of a Partition Action in California Lawyer Attorney Law Firm

Factors Impacting Cost of a Partition Action in California

Legal fees in a partition action are generally smaller than the Realtor fees involved in forcing the sale. However, co-owners are wise to make an educated guess of the cost of attorney’s fees in a partition lawsuit. The cost of the partition hinges on several factors, including the extent of disagreement among co-owners, the monetary … Read More

Tenancy in Common California Lawyer Attorney Partition Co-Ownership Law Firm

What is Tenancy in Common?

California recognizes different forms of property co-ownership, the most common and default of which is tenants in common. California Civil Code 682 recognizes “ownership of property by several persons” in these forms: (a) Of joint interest. (b) Of partnership interests. (c) Of interests in common. (d) Of community interest of spouses. This article specifically focuses on tenants in common as the … Read More

My Co-owner is Not Paying the Property Taxes

My Co-owner is Not Paying the Property Taxes

It’s not uncommon for one co-owner to bear the brunt of property taxes, especially in scenarios where one co-owner resides on the property while others do not. An issue arises when this arrangement leads to a disparity in financial contributions for maintenance and obligations tied to the property. Implications of Financial Distress The failure of … Read More

Notice of Private Sale Partition Action California Lawyer Attorney Law Firm

What Does a Notice of Private Sale Mean in a Partition Action?

A notice of private sale in a partition action is a required notice that the partition referee is likely to be marketing the property to the public to ensure it sells for fair market value. Since the word “private” seems to suggest something other than the public marketing as though a backroom deal is occurring, … Read More

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